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10 Moments only Nurses Understand

10 Moments only Nurses UnderstandOftentimes, we see the nursing profession as a profession we look up to. They are the ones greatly admired in the field of health care and they are even considered as the “heart of healthcare.” You can read our blog about it entitled “7 Reasons Why Nurses Are Practically Considered the Heart of Healthcare” to know more.

Going back to nurses; what does it feel to be like one? To answer your curiosity, we have the privilege of talking to the nurses we have helped here in our Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia. They shared 10 moments only nurses can understand and because we want to empathize with these modern-day heroes,ATC Healthcare Services is going to share them with you.

1. Patients are constantly hitting on you.
No wonder nurse costume for Halloween is on demand.

2. An opportunity of going to the bathroom is equals a lucky day.
They worried about the pee of their patients over their own pee.

3. People assume you are an expert on everything.
You are like a walking medical book for people to ask. Heck, you can even replace Google with all the people asking you for answers for their random medical questions.

4. Apologizing to social events is inevitable.
Going to a friend’s birthday at 7pm? Nope, your shift starts at 6pm. You are invited on your best friend’s wedding but your patient needs you more than ever. Can you show up at your niece’s baby shower? No, sorry. Patient’s life should be over your social needs. Your profession will indubitably come between you and your relationship with others.

5. There is no room for romance.
If there is a checklist for one’s relationship status on Facebook, there should be a separate option for nurses.

6. You will not notice putrid smell anymore.
Well… for most cases. Good luck to your room though.

7. Stories will either make someone happy or vomit.
Explosive vomits? Poop on your shoe? Pee all over your scrubs? Every story you will tell comes the birth of a new Rotten Tomato post.

8. Being treated like a doctor’s assistant will feel degrading.
But at least patients love nurses more than doctors, right? See? There is a positive ray of hope beyond this dark and lonely profession.

9. You genuinely care for a random stranger’s health.
No wonder healthcare institutions and patients come to us to look for nurses here in our Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia. They are really in demand!

10. Sharing the extremes with a patient is just a normal day.
What is the best experience of being a nurse? It is seeing a patient improve. What about the worse thing? They are always witnessing the death of a patient even if they tried their hardest to care for him or her.

As a Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia, ATC Healthcare Services salutes all the nurses who are now doing their best for the sake of their patients. Always know that you are #1 in our hearts and that your efforts mean to us no matter what it is.

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