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3 Common Mistakes Every Nurse Should AVOID Committing

3 Common Mistakes Every Nurse Should AVOID Committing

Being a nurse is not an easy job because it deals with life. What seems to be a simple and small mistake can turn things upside down. That is why we prepared three common mistakes that nurses commit that you should know about and which you should be aware of to avoid committing the same errors.

  • Medication errors

    One of the things that nurses commit is disbursing an incorrect quantity of medication or giving out the wrong medication to a patient. This mistake can be avoided by focusing on the task at hand with the right presence of mind. You can also remember these tips:

    • Use patient-specific identifiers to make sure the patient is the right person to acquire the specific medication.
    • Assure the patient’s list of medication is updated.
    • Verify any reactions or allergies with the patient before administering medication.
  • Documentation errors

    The things written on the files or papers serve as a legal documentation. All the notes or records can be used in the court. So, to avoid getting in trouble and make you less liable for lawsuits, remember these tips:

    • Record any discontinued medications
    • Record medications that have been disbursed
    • Record changes in patient’s condition
    • Record any instructions or orders given regarding the patient’s care
    • Record nursing actions
  • Delivering wrong information

    Calling for help without the proper and right information on hand is a great mistake. Although it may not pose threat to a patient’s life, it can definitely pose some danger to your career. So, it is essential to have all the right information to be able to relay the message correctly. Given this fact, you can also get assistance quickly. To avoid committing this mistake, always put in mind to get all the right data before calling out for assistance.

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