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4 Reasons Why We Need More Nurses

4 Reasons Why We Need More Nurses

Have you heard of the latest news about the nursing field? It is a fact that we are experiencing a shortage of nurses here in the country. And with an extremely large population, we need to make sure that the number of nurses in the society could level with the growing population.

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And the news is right. We do need more nurses here in the U.S. The following are the reasons why we need so:

  • To prepare for the upcoming increase of populations of the elders.

    The elderly people make up 14.5% of our population here in the U.S. In numerical form, the number of elders is about 46.2 million. If you put it into perspective, we could say that in every 7 Americans, one is an older adult. This statistics is based on the data collected in the year 2014.

    This may sound not so threatening in our economy but in actuality, it is. With our medical advancements and capabilities, we are able of having less mortality rates. With less mortality rates, a typical American will be able to age long and healthier. But with aging comes a greater price.

    Elders need to be assisted in their living. Aside from that, they need medical practitioners, especially nurses, to provide them their medical needs and other medical services. With the problem of a growing population, we need to compensate when it comes to our nurses.

  • To lighten up the load of other nurses.

    Nurses are not limited to assisting the doctors and other health care professionals. Their work is also to make sure the patient is comfortable, submit patient records, check the status of the patient’s health, extract blood, and a lot more!

    Once the number of nurses increases, there will also be lesser work for other nurses. There will be an army of nurses who are capable of doing all these things properly and perfectly. There will even be a chance that recovering and getting medical aid will not be that of a hassle. Nurses are not robots after all.

  • To put a stop to medical errors.

    Because nurses are required to do a million things all at the same time, it is inevitable for them to get exhausted. And once a nurse gets exhausted, they would perform less and may commit medical errors. And you cannot blame them. After all, as we said earlier, they are not robots.

    If you are now complaining why nurses are doing nothing to entertain your needs, and all that, the reason behind it may be the shortage of nurses. If nurses are many in number, imagine the service they can do to all their patients. And if we have enough nurses to care for us, imagine the improvement we may experience out of our health care services.

  • To improve health care here in the U.S.

    When we think of quality health care services, we would almost and instantaneously think of the United Kingdom. After all, they all have these latest technologies and competent staff. But it is possible here in the U.S. too. If only we have a good number of population that is interested in improving the system.

    We need more medical researchers and scientist. We need competent physicians, therapists, and other medical practitioners. And above all, we need efficient and passionate nurses who are capable of giving the finest services. Be a nurse now. We need your interest in this matter more than ever.

And if you want to get a job as soon as you graduate, you can count on ATC Healthcare Services to give you the right one for you. You do not have to struggle to get a job. At the end of the day, nobody needs to experience hell just to get a job in the first place.

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