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Addiction Counselor: Pursuing a Career and Calling

Do you know how prevalent drug addiction is? According to statistics, approximately 38 million Americans have been hooked on cocaine for practically all of their lifetime. That data still doesn’t include other forms of addiction. No matter what type of addiction a person is shackled in, the consequences remain the same: broken lives, broken relationships, broken future.

If your heart is touched to help the lives of others oppressed by their addiction, you just might have the calling of an addiction counselor. More than a calling, this role can also give you a career. Here are some of the things you might want to know about an addiction counselor.

  1. 1. Exactly who is an addiction counselor? 

    They are highly qualified and well-trained professionals who can provide support to recovering addicts through a customized and personalized recovery plan. With the varied recovery options available, the personal approach is ideal for addiction victims as it acknowledges their preference and convenience.

  2. 2. What can you expect from an addiction counselor? 

    The addiction counselor performs many functions but the prominent of which is to be a support system for persons who want to recover. These professionals journey with the client continually as most of them may have relapses.

    Among others, the addiction counselor also performs the following duties:

    • Evaluating a client’s specific addiction issue
    • Creating achievable goals for treatment and recovery
    • Coaching clients on how to cope with recovery
    • Assisting clients towards valuable support groups
    • Discussing with family members ways of support and guidance
  3. 3. Should you be trained to become an addiction counselor? 

    The basic educational qualification for a counselor is a high school diploma. But attaining further education or a master’s degree can provide you with more knowledge on how to professionally assist a client. There are also state-approved licenses that you have to pass before you can actually practice as a counselor.

    However, if you’re focusing on establishing a career as an addiction counselor, you need to hold a master’s degree and complete a defined amount of clinical experience with supervision. These are normal procedures that will end up for your overall benefit as well as your client’s lifetime welfare.

  4. 4. How else can an addiction counselor serve? 

    The addiction counselor is not confined to a rehabilitation center alone. They are also needed in hospitals, private services for families and individuals, substance abuse centers, and even as part of the government. You can even work with kids and teenagers in their schools or programs after their school time. When you want to pursue this career, you certainly have a lot of options to choose from a provider of Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia.

To help you in this career path, join us at ATC Healthcare Services. As a premier provider of Medical Staffing in Upper Darby, PA, we have connections to various agencies and facilities that will need your expertise and training. Contact us today to jumpstart your career as one of the trusted Healthcare Providers in our times.

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