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Getting Familiar with Staffing Placement Options


Knowing the different staffing placement options comes in handy for employers and employees alike. An employment staffing agency can have all four placement options: per diem, travel nursing, temporary to permanent contracts, and direct hire. Most office workers are accustomed to a direct hire placement. It is the traditional method of hiring which involves sourcing a full-time employee to fill a position on a long-term basis. This is the go-to option if a company values employee retention and recruitment cost reduction.

A short-term contract that can last from a day to several weeks falls under the per diem category. It is an ideal option for healthcare staffing in Philadelphia, PA to meet certain needs like urgent demands, last-minute shift cancellations, and other unforeseen adjustments. Quite different from per diem, nurses and other professions are only hired as needed under the pro re nata (PRN) setup. PRN nursing is a suitable option to maintain employment when working on weekends and holidays.

Travel nursing jobs are another short-term staffing placement option that involves being assigned to different locations. Unlike the first option, this one mostly caters to facilities with staff shortages. Since the duration of the contract typically lasts from four to six weeks, it only provides a temporary solution to meet the employment challenges of a facility.

The temporary-to-permanent staffing placement is also popular among nursing jobs in Pennsylvania. The employment transition is advantageous for employees who want to navigate the workplace first. The intent of going full-time is an important factor for applicants who choose this option.
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