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ATC’s Tips: Taking Care of Your Healthcare Employees

How To Take Care of Your Healthcare Employees: ATC’s Operating Principles

The healthcare industry is one that requires much commitment and sacrifice from the employees and workers involved. Thus, it also takes a lot to make sure that employees remain healthy and cared for in order for them to work and function at their best. ATC Healthcare Services makes it a priority to have our agency work and operate between clients and employees in the most productive and beneficial way. Here are the operating principles we have come up with!

  • Conduct and manage our business ethically
    The ethics of an organization is the basis and foundation of its employees. Having a standard and fixed ethical code helps guide and mold employees in a way that best aligns with the organization’s own goals. We believe that by doing our work in the most ethical way, we can infect others in and create ethical and effective employees.
  • Commit to continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement is also another thing we promote as we continually provide staffing services to our clients. The demand for better quality service only goes higher as time goes by. In order to keep up with these, continuous improvements on the self should be done through seminars, courses, training, etc.
  • Foster an environment conducive to maintaining open communication
    Open communication also fosters a healthier and more productive work environment. Having a constant flow of much-needed information relevant to the needs of the institution is always a good thing as it encourages quicker responses.
  • Recruit, develop, reward, and support achievement-oriented people who demonstrate high levels of performance
    Of course, it all starts by finding the right people for the job. We set our standards as we see fit and according to the needs and requirements of our clients. In this collaboration of efforts, we can know better what it is we should be looking for.
  • Encourage initiative, creativity, responsibility, and a sense of urgency in each staff member
    From finding the right employees to molding them, we take responsibility. We do our best to promote an environment that instills and encourages such values in each of our employees.
  • Empower every staff member to take immediate corrective action should client problems occur
    Our staff, too, should be well-equipped in handling the needs of each client. With proper training and guidance, we hope to have a staff that manifests the responsiveness and initiative as well as innovativeness in facing problems.

We uphold our rank of being among the top providers of Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia. Through our operating principles, we believe that we can create a healthy, productive, and professional environment for our associates.

ATC Healthcare Services offers various healthcare staffing services related to a number of healthcare jobs, nursing jobs, travel nursing jobs, and others related to nursing employment. We do so in accordance with the operating principles we’ve mentioned above. To learn more about us and the services we offer, visit our official site at atcphiladelphia.com. For more information, feel free to contact us at 215-592-7600 or email us at srmurphy@atchealthcare.com.

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