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Obstacles to Healthcare Recruitment and Staffing

Obstacles to Healthcare Recruitment and StaffingAs a recruiter, finding candidates with the right mix of skills and aptitude is crucial because many people will rely on them in the future for their health and well-being.

However, it’s mainly challenging to recruit new talent due to the aging workforce and the declining number of people choosing allied health or registered nurse jobs.

Workplace exhaustion is a contributing factor in this downward trend. Many nurses and doctors work under less-than-ideal circumstances, even in the best-paying countries. This situation has caused many medical professionals to quit their jobs, searching for new careers.

Because many healthcare facilities are still struggling with a lack of qualified healthcare workers, businesses are scrambling to find new approaches to fill open positions, such as searching for people who specialize in travel nursing jobs or hiring a staffing agency.

An employment staffing agency helps businesses pool and find the perfect staff, since employers are at risk of hiring people with fake credentials taken from diploma mills.

ATC Healthcare Services can assist your company in employing qualified applicants for open positions in the healthcare field. If you require healthcare staffing in Philadelphia, PA, our team is here to help!

Our agency also has a variety of allied health and nursing jobs in Pennsylvania. You can reach us by phone at 215-592-7600 or email at srmurphy@atchealthcare.com if you’re looking for work or additional staffing assistance.

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