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Patient Care in Healthcare is Customer Service in Retail

Patient Care in Healthcare is Customer Service in Retail

Customer service is capable of either making or breaking a person’s experience. What about if the customer is a patient who can be worried, overwhelmed, scared or confused? This case requires an even better customer service.

Importance of Patient Satisfaction

Satisfying patients is the core of patient-centered medicine. Enhanced patient satisfaction results in improved patient experience and is linked to enhanced treatment outcomes. In healthcare, patients are the customers and this takes customer service to a new level. Patients need excellent service and enhancing their satisfaction cannot only make them happy but also enhance their outcomes. We at ATC Healthcare Services, a great choice in terms of Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia, believe that only the well-trained and experienced healthcare people can provide real patient satisfaction.

People Share their Experience

Today, even if the experiences are positive or negative, people share them on social media and beyond. If patients are made to feel uncomfortable, inconvenient, humiliated and anxious, they can share details and this turns into an exercise in reputation recovery. When an organization has the fundamental service essentials at hand, this can help in making sure that everybody on staff helps in fulfilling what was promised. ATC Healthcare Services has the best when it comes to Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia.

What identifies whether the experiences of a patient are positive or negative? And what identifies whether a post on a social media account is full of condemnation or praises? This is about attention and communication. The fact is that a lot of patients go through life-changing medical procedures without given proper communication and attention.

Affordable Care Act Ensures Patient Satisfaction

This legislation offered patients with extra coverage and options. It introduced new accountability systems for providers. It established a hospital reward system which concentrates on care quality and high patient satisfaction maintenance. Hospitals must enhance their service to their patients.

Under the Affordable Care Act, patient satisfaction tends to score matters differently. The new payment rate combines the patient satisfaction scores of hospitals with a measure of their ability to follow procedural metric to treat disorders. Many hospitals prioritize getting high marks from their patients.

The Best Patient Care is From the Right People at the Right Place

At ATC Healthcare Services, we specialize in recruiting and placing healthcare professionals in healthcare facilities. Our Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia is dedicated to offering the best patient care and satisfaction possible. We choose the right candidate to fill a vacant position with commitment from the heart.

We would love to talk with you. If you are ready for your next job, pick up your phone now and give us a call at 215-592-7600. You can also visit our website at www.atcphiladelphia.com.

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