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Reasons to Work with a Staffing Agency


Providers of Medical Staffing in Upper Darby, PA has helped a lot of home health care businesses from Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Allentown, and other states of Pennsylvania. Staffing through ATC Healthcare Services has been made easier. At the same time, staffing helps boost the credibility of businesses to deliver services-centered nursing jobs. We want to help out home health care business in Pennsylvania, and so we’ve gathered a few reasons why you’d want to work with us.

For home health care businesses seeking for staff:

  • You can trust that we only provide trained and skilled employees to your business

    Training and skill are crucial to the home health care business. These staff needs are made easier for any company through the employees we provide. Once more, clients of different home health care businesses can lay steady knowing the jobs provided by our employees will be carried out with ample knowledge and professionalism.

  • You don’t have to call for urgent hiring, and work terms can be contractual for peak seasons

    We simply can’t get as many seasoned staff as we need during peak seasons. And we simply can’t regularize all staff we hired as well. For home health care businesses looking for temporary help, our staffing services can supplement your needs for as long as it is needed.

For job seekers:

  • We provide nursing employment opportunities

    For nurses especially for female nurses, we want to give employment opportunities that allow us to display our natural nurturing nature towards clients. As nurses, we have the capacity to assist and lift the baggage being carried by clients. Our healthcare jobs allow us to better the quality of life of our client and as nurses, we get to put our learning to application.

  • We also offer healthcare staffing

    Aside from nursing jobs we also provide staff for positions such as medical assistants, social workers, and laboratory professionals like medtechs, phlebotomists, rehabilitation technologists, surgical techs, radio techs, and different therapists.

  • We’re also open for applications from mental health care providers

    These positions include those of counselors, behavioral health techs, addiction counselors, case managers, behavioral specialists, and other behavioral care providers. For a complete list, please visit us cite at www.atcphiladelphia.com/medical-staffing-behavioral-health-mental-retardation.

We are a Healthcare Provider that also provides Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia which provides seasoned employees to our clients’ businesses. For inquiries on our service, please call us at 215-592-7600 or visit us at www.atcphiladelphia.com for more information.

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