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The Negative Impact of Too Much Workload

the-negative-impact-of-too-much-workloadThe American healthcare system has long struggled with a significant problem caused by the burdensome workload of nurses. Generally speaking, the aging population and the shortage of nurses in the United States caused registered nurse jobs to have enormous workloads. For a while, these difficulties are regrettable in and of themselves, they, unfortunately, lead to even worse issues. Risks to patient safety are one of the effects mentioned.

Nursing jobs in Pennsylvania frequently perform a variety of responsibilities, such as housekeeping, transportation, and delivery. The workload given to nurses is uniform; they frequently handle activities that could have been delegated to CNAs and assistants.

As a provider of healthcare staffing in Philadelphia, PA, we observe that these problems impede them from concentrating on their main responsibilities as registered nurses, which are to evaluate, recognize, execute, and oversee the patient’s care needs.

According to data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, there is a link between increased health risks and inadequate nurse staffing. A few instances include a rise in pneumonia cases acquired in hospitals and failed rescue attempts.

Patient dissatisfaction with the healthcare system and several medical malpractice lawsuits and claims have been caused by understaffing throughout the years. Both the problem of nurse overwork and the problem of patient safety may be addressed, if not eliminated, with sufficient access to dependable healthcare personnel.

ATC Healthcare Services is committed to enhancing the nation’s healthcare capacities. However, to provide employees that can deliver the best caliber of care, we have rigorous hiring procedures and staff training.

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