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The Perks of being a Life Saver

The Perks of being a Life Saver

Becoming a healthcare service provider is never easy. However, having this profession makes you smarter, passionate and stronger. Even if you have finished studying or training in becoming a medical professional, it does not mean that you will stop learning.

Fighting diseases, viruses and death will always be a constant part of a medical professional’s life because having a life means to die and well some of these viruses can self-mutate and self-replicate at certain environments.

Having the love for science and a burning passion for healing humanity is what makes a medical professional a great one whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, a laboratory scientist or a therapist. Being in the medical field is a tough job. Struggles like staying awake from midnight to daylight just to study the anatomy of a cell or the structures of essential amino acids, rude patients and these patients who are hanging on the edge of a needle that are attached to you will always happen.

You expect to work for 24 hours only but in reality, this 24 hour shift can transform into 36 hours especially if you’re on STAT duty. Always be ready to sacrifice your social life for the life of people that you do not even know personally. You will experience brain drains from week to week or mental breakdowns but with great determination and hard work, everything will be worth it.

Every penny and every cent you’ve spent in the college of medicine will all be paid off especially you yourself have saved a man’s life. But you should know that you cannot save everyone. Just continue to live on with the passion and keep the fire burning.

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