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The perks of being a PRN employee

The perks of being a PRN employee

To survive in this world you need to be employed and work for a living. Working is something that we prepare for our whole lives. However, work gives us stress—which is not at all bad when it comes in small and right amounts. But stress does slays you when it becomes too much.

Working as a full time employee, you are prone to too much stress. This stress lowers down your performance and takes a toll on your health and wellbeing. When you finally ask for a day off to relax, unwind and spend time with yourself, the answer of your employer won’t always be a guaranteed yes.

This is where ATC Healthcare Services comes in. ATC Healthcare Services is a firm that provides Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia that offers PRN employment. PRN is derived from the Latin term “pro re nata” which in English translates to “as the situation demands.” .

PRN employment means that you only get to work when you are needed. This work setting gives you a lot of benefits such as the following:.

  • You don’t experience too much stress- Compared to being a full time employee, the work will just keep piling up and up. Sometimes, full time employment doesn’t even give you enough time to breath.
  • You still get decent salary – Many people think that less working house mean less pay but that isn’t necessarily true. Of course, it will always be dependent on the situation as well. It will depend on how in demand your services are needed.
  • You are mostly in control of your own time – You don’t have to multi task just to get jobs done in an allocated time. As a PRN employee you get to work at your own pace and you get to control the time you have.
  • You can pursue other passions – We all have other passions in our lives besides our careers. Whether it’s painting, singing, sports, exercising, working as a PRN employee will help you in your pursuit of these other passions. Time won’t constrict and make you lose your chances because you’ll have enough time for all of these.
  • You don’t have to beg for a day off – It sometimes gets hard to ask for a day off from your employer when working full time because you will be needed most of the time. As a PRN employee, you won’t need to ask for a day off, because you’ll have the time you need.

PRN employment is offered by ATC Healthcare Services, a Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia. For inquiries, you may call us at 215-592-7600 for more information.

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