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Things to Know About Travel Nurses


There is no denying an increase in demand for nursing Jobs in Pennsylvania, such as travel nursing. Travel nurses are professionals with clinical experience who take on brief nursing assignments. Nursing agencies like ATC Healthcare Services are common places for travel nurses to get jobs.

Typically, a nurse who is interested in taking a travel nursing duty has had nursing employment within the last year and sees the experience as a means to develop their career, see more of the world, or test out a potential new home before making a permanent move. Staffing services companies hire travel nurses to fill in for local nursing shortages. Traveling nurses typically have short- to medium-term assignments.

  • How to Start a Career as a Travel Nurse

    An associate’s degree in nursing is often required for entry-level consideration as a travel nurse. However, employers and patients are more likely to hire nurses with a bachelor’s degree in the field for travel nursing jobs. Basic life assistance and advanced cardiovascular care certificates are also often required by companies. Other certifications are beneficial for recruitment in specializations but are normally not necessary for entry-level work.

  • Career Benefits of Working as a Travel Nurse

    The benefits of becoming a traveling nurse are no less than those of any other career. It’s possible to make more money as a travel nurse than as a regular RN, plus you get to see a larger portion of the globe at the same time.

There is a lot of flexibility for both the duration and location of assignments for traveling nurses. Nurses like you have a lot of options, and some of them may pay off. All set to start your journey? Check on job openings for healthcare staffing in Philadelphia, PA.

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