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Today’s Big Q: Do We Have Enough Laboratory Professionals?

Today’s Big Q: Do We Have Enough Laboratory Professionals?

With the advanced facilities in the hospital and in the laboratory, it will not be hard for any person to conduct laboratory tests, as long as they possess the required skills in phlebotomy, medical technology or laboratory technology. But the question is: is there enough laboratory professionals in the country today?

The shortage of qualified and competent laboratory professionals is a problem that goes way back. As the senior population is growing and healthcare services are becoming in demand, there is an insufficient number of competent laboratory professionals who can fill in the gap. There are several reasons for this and such will be tackled further in our growing healthcare staffing in Philadelphia, the ATC Healthcare Services.

What are the reasons why there is a shortage of laboratory professionals?

There are lesser graduates from clinical laboratory programs
According to statistics, the medical laboratories in the country need at least 7,000 qualified laboratory professionals but schools can only produce lower than the ideal number. This might be caused by schools that are eliminating clinical laboratory programs and just focus on the other programs instead.

The advantage of getting well-trained students on this field is undeniable. Companies would not have to invest in having them undergo intense training anymore and they will have lesser supervision. However, it is also to be considered that the job of a laboratory professional can be done by any pre-trained employee and who has become accustomed to the task.

What is the solution to this problem?

Today, laboratory companies and hospitals do not require bachelor’s degree in order for one to do become a laboratory professional as long as they have adequate training and certification from such training. However, an exception can be made, though, for laboratory analysts, medical technicians.

We have to understand that the previously mentioned jobs above require analysis and deeper understanding of the results of medical tests, as well as in the manufacturing of medicines, so we must not just leave it to training.

Thus, if you already have a license as a laboratory professional but you do not know where to start yet, let our healthcare staffing agency in Philadelphia, the ATC Healthcare Services help you with it. We are related to over 50 companies in the country that will surely ensure that you will find a job that you will love in no time. Help make the healthcare industry more competent and adaptive to the needs of the people today.

For queries, you can visit ATC Healthcare Services in 8600 West Chester Pike, Suite #303 Upper Darby, PA 19082.

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