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Useful Tips For New Nurses

Useful Tips For New Nurses

For many years, you have struggled as you studied nursing. There have been a few setbacks. Tears were shed and sacrifices were made. Sure, there were unfortunate things that happened. But now, you are about to step up the stage and claim that piece of paper you have been working hard on for many years.

Many graduates of nursing see a bright future ahead. However, when they step into the real world and start applying, they will never expect the tight competition. The said profession is indeed tight, as of the moment.

Here, ATC Healthcare Services is going to provide you useful tips so that you can land a nursing job the moment you graduate:

  • Do not stick to applying in hospitals

    You may have been groomed to work in a hospital setting, but you need to know that your first exposure to the field does not have to be limited to such. After all, we cannot foresee what future lies ahead of us.

    As we work with healthcare industries, we believe that hospitals will turn into big ICUs where only the extreme sick patients go. If patients need the advice of doctors and other healthcare professionals, or if they need to be examined, the experts will simply visit the patient’s house or vice versa. The same goes for nurses.

    Patients who need to be cared for by nurses will just stay at their house and receive the care they need. This is what we call home health care. It is a growing industry, and nurses such as you, will surely benefit from this.

  • Involve in networking

    What do you need in order to land a job in your field? Graduate with honors? Be contented with a diploma? Have an excellent record in our nursing school? Those are just accessories. What you need to do though is to have a connection.

    You need to know friends so that they can recommend you to an institution or an individual company where you can work in. It is a must for you to go out and be social. It is better if you do this as early as possible, especially when you are still in college.

  • Dress appropriately

    While it is true and ideal that you must not judge the book by its cover, you need to know that this does not apply in a job application process. Employers and human resource management people will definitely eye you from head to toe, and judge you based on your appearance.

    Everything is about first impression. If you look at your finest, you will indubitably feel more confident about yourself. This confidence will then lead you to the job you are applying for.

    For male nurses, it does not bother to buy formal attire. We suggest you go for the traditional suit. For our lady nurses, wear a skirt or a formal pair of pants.

  • Carry a simple business card

    Do not forget to bring a business card wherever you go. This business card should contain basic information about you. It should contain your name, your profession, and your contact information.

  • Attend local gatherings for nurses

    Remember what we said about the importance of networking? If you do not have a friend who can refer you to a potential client or employer, attend local gatherings for nurses.

    This will help you meet people on the field. It will not only inspire you to do better, but also aid in increasing your sphere of influences. And when you are on a gathering, you should have the right etiquette and manners. Such includes:

  • Firmly shaking the hands of people you encounter
  • Making eye contact when you talk
  • Showing your friendly smile
  • Find your dream job here at ATC Healthcare Services

    You do not have to fret if you do not have any connection in the nursing industry because you have us, a provider of Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia. We help new and even old nurses who want to grow in their specific field. So apply for a job now! Go to www.atcphiladelphia.com.


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