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What an Emergency Nurse Does?

What an Emergency Nurse Does

Have you ever been to an emergency room or an emergency area in the hospital? Have you seen a nurse around the area? What does he/she do? Today, you will learn more about an emergency nurse’s role and how he/she can help save a life every single day.

An emergency nurses assesses patients in a quick manner.

Unlike other nurses, emergency nurses are trained to be swift in taking information about patients in the emergency room. They must make sure that their assessment is accurate to determine the patients’ medical needs. He/she must be attentive enough to the patient’s cues and must collaborate with the doctor for further findings.

The goal is to save the patient from suffering too long.

Once the patient arrives and an assessment is made, an emergency nurse monitors his/her patient in order to stop his/her condition from getting worse. If first aid or vital signs check up is needed, he/she performs it immediately.

An emergency nurse should be knowledgeable about tests.

Different laboratory or diagnostic tests are sometimes required to further analyze a patient’s condition. An emergency nurse should have sufficient knowledge when it comes to tests and medical procedures.

An emergency nurse is ethical.

He/she practices his/her code of ethics well. The essence of being a nurse is not just in the profession, but it can also be found in the dedication and attitude towards serving people.

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