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What Does it Take to be a Qualified Nurse?

What Does it Take to be a Qualified Nurse?

There is no easy job in this world. All professions need effort and hard work especially when it comes to taking care of someone. Occupations like nursing do not only require compassion and thoughtfulness when assisting and attending to the needs of an individual. It also requires the following traits to be called a qualified nurse. A nurse must be:

  • Respectful

    It is imperative for every employee to embody this trait. As a nurse, although you have a doctor’s instruction to carry out, you must respect your patient’s opinion and consider his/her desires. You must always learn to hear out their sentiments. Listening to your patient does not mean giving in to his/her demands; however, the simple act of listening can mean a lot for the patient. Also, it is essential for a nurse to respect a patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality. So, you must always ensure to dignify your patient as a whole.

  • Composed Under Pressure

    In this profession, you must always be ready to encounter emotional outburst and challenging behavior from your patient. So as a nurse, you must learn to control your temper and stay calm when dealing with patients during this type of situation.

  • Excellent communicator

    Nurses are responsible for explaining medical conditions to the patient which is why it is important for you to be an excellent communicator. Remember that not all patients understand medical conditions and terms so you must learn to overcome this communication barrier.
    On another note, bear in mind that you do not only talk to your patient but also to your patient’s doctor and family. You are responsible for relaying information and messages between different people.

  • Highly skilled and trained

    A highly skilled and trained nurse is someone who has years of experience in the field. That is why nurses like you with years of experience in serving the community are people everyone can entrust the care of their loved ones with.

  • Meticulous

    When it comes to giving medication and administering care, you must be meticulous. You must always give your patient’s medication at the right time with the right dosage. You must properly perform whatever instructions the doctor tells you to do. Always bear in mind that you are dealing with life. Even the smallest errors can trigger critical complications.

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