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What Every Employer Needs to Look for in a Nurse

What Every Employer Needs to Look for in a Nurse

Nurses are the heart of the healthcare profession. They may seem like an assistant to a fancier healthcare practitioner, but they are not just mere assistants. These professionals are the reason why the patient continues to aim for the success of their healing. Nurses bridge patients to their attending physicians and make treatment more personal and special.

That is why as employers, we need to look for nurses who are competent in their field. They need to have certain qualities for us to meet our own goals for our company and for our patients. You should make certain that the nurses you take under your wings can be nurses, and at the same time:

  • Team players

    Every profession needs cooperation from the employees and the employers working under the same company. The nursing profession is not an exception. Doctors, therapists, and other medical practitioners rely on their nurses for the information they need from the patient. The nurse, on the other hand, relies on the doctor for their medical decisions.

    For this reason, nurses need to show the spirit of cooperation in the workplace. This will lead to a positive transition of service. Aside from being cooperative, they need to showcase teamwork mentality. When conflicts arise, these nurses should be able to resolve it professionally.

  • Lifelong learners

    It is vital for every employer to hire nurses who have the basic requirements to be a nurse – license and education. But as we continuously work as a provider of Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia, we have noticed that the ideal nurse is one who is committed to know more about the world and the field they are working in.

    In short, we want lifelong learners and not just learners limited to the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom. There is a big difference. A classroom learner will only stick with the theories fed to him or her by the professor. On the other hand, a lifelong learner continues to learn, even if the professor is not there. He or she wants to find more about the truth so he or she can help the patients.

  • Reliable workers

    We are not by our employee’s side all the time. Given this fact, we need to have nurses who can work, without us telling them to. Look for a nurse that has a strong work ethic; one that separates his or her personal interests from professional works.

    You want to have nurses who can:

    • Show up on time
    • Have the initiative to work right away
    • Make perfect and professional decisions even without the guidance of his or her higher ups

    Any employer would die for a nurse who is reliable at his or her job.

  • Passionate assistants

    “He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.” – St. Francis of Assisi

    Nurses are far from being an artist. But one thing they should share in common is the fact that both profession need to use their hands, head, and heart to execute their job properly. Nothing beats a nurse who is hardworking, knowledgeable, and passionate at the same time.

  • Brilliant students

    It pays to employ a nurse who has studied from a reputable nursing school. Studying from a highly regarded nursing school has its perks. They have gone through intensive training which can help them grow in the field. They have had first-rate professors who had given them the proper background and knowledge of nursing.

    Aside from that, nurses should be brilliant students. And their brilliance must not only be limited in their classroom. They should also bring it to their workplace. As we said, nurses need to be lifelong learners.

How would you know if the nurse you are looking for is already right in front of you? It is more convenient if you rely on agencies such as ATC Healthcare Services. We help bridge nurses to their potential employers.

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