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Jobseekers’ End: Travel Nursing Job Interview Questions

Tips on Asking Important Travel Nursing Job Interview Questions

Your travel nursing job interview is your chance to interview the hospital and you should always be prepared with your hospital-related questions. Never hesitate to ask questions even if you’re interviewing with a VMS or MSP.

ATC Healthcare Services is a network for healthcare staffing in Philadelphia that can help you with some recommendations for questions to ask and topics to cover during your travel nursing job interview with the importance of communicating with your recruiter after your interview is complete.

There are actually several topic parts you should cover during your travel nursing interview.

1. You should ask questions pertaining to your actual working conditions
This includes topics such as computer charting systems, floating requirements, typical patient ratios, support staffing levels, patient demographics, and other topics related to the unit.
2. You should address all issues concerning to your work schedule—shift times, weekend scheduling policies, all time-off during the contract.
3. You should ask questions relating to facility accessibility. You will want to find out if there are any costs involved with the facilities like parking spot for the employees, regional transit, and hospital shuttle buses.
4. Avoid asking questions pertaining housing during their interview. However, if you are able to directly interview with a small rural hospital or a resort town hospital, then you may consider inquiring about housing options in the area.
5. Definitely do not discuss compensation—travel reimbursements, stipends, pay rate, benefits, etc. The interview has no control over these aspects and usually does not even know the bill rate linked to the utilization of travel nurses.

Below is a list of questions for you to consider asking during your travel nursing interview:

  • Questions/topics regarding working conditions:
  • What is the floating policy and how are travel nurses factored in?
  • What type of support staff is accessible for the unit?
  • What is the usual nurse-to-patient ratio on the unit?
  • How many beds are on the division?
  • What types of patients does the unit typically get (Each unit is different in this regard. For example, for MedSurg—number of Rehab patients, geriatric patients, psyche patients, etc. For ICU–cardio patients, neuro patients, medical patients, etc. For OR—the types of operations they are currently performing)
  • What type of charting system do you use?

Questions/topics concerning scheduling:

  • What is the shift for the assignment?
  • How many weeks is the assignment?
  • How is the schedule determined?
  • Do travel nurses work the same shift times as permanent nurses at the hospital?
  • How are weekend shifts arranged?
  • How often does the schedule come out?
  • Cover your time-off requests and seek approval for them.

Facility specific questions:

  • How are the commute times in the area?
  • Is there plenty of parking for staff at the hospital?
  • Is the facility located near a major highway?
  • Is parking free, if not, how much does it cost?
  • Does the facility run its own shuttle buses, if so, can they be utilized by staff?
  • Is the facility conveniently accessed by public transportation?

Housing related questions (should only be inquired on occasional occasions when questioning with small rural or resort town hospital):

  • How have previous travelers handled their housing needs?
  • Are you aware of any housing options in the area?
  • Does the facility manage any of its own housing options?

So if you are looking for an agency for healthcare staffing in Philadelphia, ATC Healthcare Services is the home for the right future you need! Please let us know about your comment, questions, and experiences with this topic in the comments section below.

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