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Mental Health Care Tips for Nurses


The nursing job is a physically and mentally demanding job. According to the American Nurses Association, compassion fatigue combines physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion linked with caring for patients. If you’re a professional juggling RN jobs day and night, here’s how to care for your mental health.

  • Don’t forget to be grateful.

    When you’re exhausted and stressed, it’s easy to forget being thankful for the good things in your life. Try to acknowledge your blessings, the people, things, and events that bring you joy. If you have nursing jobs in Pennsylvania, you focus on helping others and forget about caring for yourself. Show gratitude to others and think about how blessed you are!

  • You deserve to take a break.

    According to a study, nurses working night shifts and rotating shifts don’t get as much amount of sleep as the body needs. Whether you’re a nurse working graveyard shifts or travel nursing jobs, take some time off. Get a well-deserved break to prioritize your health, even if it means sleeping all day!

  • Disconnect and practice mindfulness.

    Disconnecting and practicing mindfulness helps you connect with yourself and focus on the now. Find time off the grid, leave your phone behind, and spend time with nature or loved ones. Recharge and do things that relieve stress and make you happy.

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