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Safeguard Your Nurses from Workplace Hazards

safeguard-your-nurses-from-workplace-hazardsMany professions have health and safety issues. As wonderful a career as it is, nursing does come with plenty of hazards. Both physical and emotional. Nurses, especially those in hospital and acute care settings can work long hours in stressful settings.

When emotional and mental stress builds up, it often manifests in physical ways. It results in increased call-ins and staff turnover. Unsafe work increases stress and contributes to lower morale which impacts organizational productivity.

As a Healthcare Provider in Philadelphia, PA, we know that reducing such risks can help your organization tremendously in the long run. Safeguarding your staff often boils down to using best practices and following proper protocols in your activities.

Every Medical Staffing setting comes with its own pace and environment. When nurses are healthy, well-rested, and safe on the job, they will have more job satisfaction which, in turn, has an overall impact on patient outcomes and quality of care. If they are comfortable in their roles, they will make an even greater nurse.

Here is what the WHO recommends:

  • Establish synergies between nurse and patient safety policies and strategies
  • Implement programs for occupational health and safety of nurses
  • Protect nurses from violence in the workplace
  • Act on mental health and psychological well-being first
  • Protect them from physical and biological hazards

Keeping our staff safe should be on the top of our priority list just as highly as we consider our patients’ safety. Once you have safeguards in place, your operations will work more smoothly. ATC Healthcare Services provides Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia and we are here to remind organizations about these best practices.

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