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What Does it Take to be a Qualified Nurse?

There is no easy job in this world. All professions need effort and hard work especially when it comes to taking care of someone. Occupations like nursing do not only require compassion and thoughtfulness when assisting and attending to the needs of an individual. It also requires the following traits to be called a qualified … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why Being a Pediatric Nurse Rocks II

Becoming a pediatric nurse is both challenging and rewarding. And once you become one, the strife and benefits do not change. Unlike other nurses, a pediatric nurse specializes in caring for children. They cater children from infancy to late teen years. They also help their families so that their children will grow healthy and strong. … Continue reading

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Today’s Big Q: Do We Have Enough Laboratory Professionals?

With the advanced facilities in the hospital and in the laboratory, it will not be hard for any person to conduct laboratory tests, as long as they possess the required skills in phlebotomy, medical technology or laboratory technology. But the question is: is there enough laboratory professionals in the country today? The shortage of qualified … Continue reading

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3 Important Requirements To Be An Addiction Counselor

Helping change the lives of people is not an easy job especially with those who are addicted to drugs. Substance abuse is one of the biggest social problems in the world today. Children as young as twelve years old may have had its first dose of illegal drugs. This is indeed alarming as people may … Continue reading

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What Every Employer Needs to Look for in a Nurse

Nurses are the heart of the healthcare profession. They may seem like an assistant to a fancier healthcare practitioner, but they are not just mere assistants. These professionals are the reason why the patient continues to aim for the success of their healing. Nurses bridge patients to their attending physicians and make treatment more personal … Continue reading

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